AdEngage was founded in May 2004. AdEngage serves as the link between publishers who want to sell ad space on their websites and advertisers who want to purchase ads on these websites.
I tried to give them a try. In this
AdEngage review, I am going to review it by my traditional reviewing template.
AdEngage accepts both credit card and PayPal. The fact that they accept PayPal made me want to join them.
Quality of service
Well there is nothing to talk about it here, it’s all automated. You buy the ad (flat rate or per click) and after publisher reviews it the link goes live.
The support is top notch. I had a problem with an ad yesterday. I didn’t see the ad displayed so I emailed them using their contact form. I have received back a screen-shot with my ad showing, circled so I see and the support agent even told me that they will issue me a full refund if I’m not happy with the ad (even though half of the period my ad should be displayed passed).
Overall, I recommend using AdEngage. I have had NO problem with them.

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