AdSense CPCCPC (cost-per-click) advertisement is a kind of program that Google uses for its AdSense software. It is a program very much in demand among companies who want to advertise their products online. AdSense CPC programs are currently the largest pay-per-click connection, largely due to the top position being enjoyed by Google at present.However, the success of AdSense CPC cannot be solely attributed to Google's enormous popularity. It is actually the Adsense system currently in place and being applied to its CPC ads that proves to be the main factor in attracting consumers to seek CPC advertisements.The primary feature of AdSense CPC advertisements is its ads selection process. Advertisements seeking to be distributed and posted on the AdSense website are filtered and screened based on keyword relevance. With such stringent measures involved, the CPC ads program has definitely earned a solid reputation in the online advertising world.There are several requirements that companies need to meet before their ads can be posted on the Adsense webite. Basically, the ads should have content commonality with the website before they can be given permission to get posted. The logic behind this is that most net surfers only visit the sites that they find to be interesting. It is thus imperative that a given advertisement has content relevance to the website so that online visitors will get to notice it and eventually click on it.Aside from content relevance, another good feature of AdSense CPC is that it allows web owners to choose the designs of the ads that would fit perfectly to their own websites. CPC ads also allow Adsense clients to perform regular monitoring of their records, a feature highly recommended by many AdSense subscribers because it indicates how transparent AdSense is in dealing with subscribers' revenues.

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