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The holygrail for getting traffic on search engines are backlinks. Aaahhh yes linkbacks or backlinks, both terms serve important purpose if you want a boost in your blog traffic. The more expensive but short-term method is of course traffic via pay-per-click like AdWords, but if you’re on a shoestring budget, well this is not a viable option

It took me a long time to understand the very mechanics how web traffic building works. Well I still am learning of course, but a sure short method is sending my articles to article directories. So far it has been going well so far as search engines picked up my article links via the directories

Of course you need to post a related entry in the related category of the directory. Also another tip is to link back to your blog with suitable anchor word related to your website. I usually insert one my blog meta keywords into the article I wrote if I’m out of ideas

The beauty about writing to article directories is that it is free. Compared to pay-per-click, it won’t cost you anything although the downside it will take time for the bots to pickup your link. Well slowly but surely of course right

By doing so, over time, your organic link from the articles and the anchor word tip I mentioned earlier will get you closer to the number page of search engine results page

I usually keep a log on a excel spreadsheet of anchor word list and articles I’ve done so far to monitor my progress. I think I’ve wrote more than 100 such articles for over 10 blogs of mine. So that’s about 3 articles per month so far these 3 years, being added to 8 or more article directories

So if I were do the calculation (100×8=800), I have 800 organic links now. That’s not counting the number of users who replicated my articles on their blog. My last tip is never ever do a link exchange. It devalues your blog authority as search engines prefer a one way link back to your site. Google looks at the relevancy of your site mentioned on other blogs, remember that

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