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If like me, you’re too busy to login and check your ClickBank affiliate sales figures, how about making the ClickBank sending you updates at every sales. Of course if you’re a huge seller, this would be annoying with frequent updates but for me with only ample sales, it is just suitable

Obviously in the first place, why didn’t Clickbank add this feature under option that is idiot-proof and far less complicated, making it easier for us publisher. Anyway here’s the steps below to get the instant notification

Log into your account
Click the ‘Account Settings > My Site’ at the navigation menu
Locate the ‘Instant Notification’
Click ‘Click HERE to request access’
Fill out the form
Click ‘Submit’ if you agree to all the TOC
Enter a Secret Key (Uppercase letters and numbers only) into the ‘My Site’ Screen
Enter the URL of the path where you uploaded you php file to your site into the Instant Notification Box
Click ‘Save Changes’
Click on ‘Test’ next to the address you entered, and you should get a test email

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