how to get traffic

Who doesn't like something for free? Not me! I love free stuff and ProjectWonderful is a neat place to get free traffic.You like free traffic, right? If so then read on.It's unlikely that you will make any decent money off PW, so lets forget about that to begin with. The goal here is to get your content in front of new readers who you hope to convert into regular readers.First have at least 30 decent, original posts before you sign up. If you haven't got that by now, it's time to hang up your keyboard. Apply for an account and wait for them to review your account.Once approved create an adbox and put it beside your EntreCard widget. Don't make it too big or you will clutter your site, make it slow to load and reduce bidding competition. You want to create a scarcity of ad space on your site so that advertisers need to pay a decent amount to put their advert on your site.Now here comes the two ways to get free traffic. PW, you will receive visits by people who are coming to . It's free and without effort to you. Secondly you plow any money earned through advertising back into a campaign. I choose sites with 100+ visits per day, have "entrecard" as a tag and at least 20% US originated traffic.I don't really care where the ads go as I don't expect to make money from PW. It's just credit in for the ads on my site and then credit out for further advertising. This method is similar to using Spott, but you have much more control over where your ad is shown.

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