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Abra.info - Remote indexing and search service which handles PDF, cookies, and password-protection. Offers a 30-day free trial.
Add Search - Allows webmasters to quickly insert a free search engine on their sites, and earn money from advertisements in the search results via a pay-per-click program.
Blossom Software - Offers site search, link checking, data mining and page watch. 30-day free trial of site search. Describes their tools and services, and contains management profiles and case studies.
CrazyRhino.com - Free site search with no advertisements. Explains the system and benefits of remote hosted search.
FreeFind - Adds a search engine to your website. Available in free sponsor supported version or ad-free subscription version.
FusionBot.com - Offers site search, site map, and reporting services. There is a free version for sites under 250 pages, supported by advertising, and pay versions. All are customizable.
Gigablast Free Site Search - Can index URLs within seconds and supply easy cut and paste solutions to get a site search up and running in minutes. Up to 10,000 URLs can be indexed per site for free.
Indexmysite - Provides a remote site search engine. Offers a 30 day free trial, limited to 5000 documents. Full details of the service, with FAQ, help and glossary.
InnerpriseSearch - Hosted search engine services for individual websites. Company profile, products and news.
JRank - Offers a free, customisable Java site search engine.
MondoSearch - Site search and reporting. Available in both software and remotely hosted versions.
MysiteSearch.com - MysiteSearch enables you to build dynamic remote hosted database-backed website search engine in just a few minitues.

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