Adsense Code

An Adsense code comes in the form of HTML codes that publishers or webmasters insert anywhere on their website through the use of a text editor, like notepad. These codes are available for free upon signing up to Google Adsense, provided the company has given its approval. Contrary to popular notion, knowledge in basic HTML code is not necessary in creating a website and incorporating Adsense, since whatever formats one chooses, codes are automatically generated and all one has to do is to copy and paste onto the site.

Before creating or using an Adsense code, it is important to bear in mind that HTML editors are different from one another and detailed instructions regarding these codes are not provided by Google. Thus, for those who do not have thorough knowledge in HTML, it is advised that codes derived from Google should not be changed. Doing so will cause errors to show up on the site and might violate Adsense rules.

To properly set up and use an Adsense code, begin by copying the code sandwiched by the HTML's body tags. When using WYSIWYG editor like FrontPage, it's best to place the Adsense code on the Source or Code view. However, if Frames is used in the page, place the code on the frame which has the main content, which is used by Google in targeting ads.

After uploading the edited web page, ads should show immediately on the site page. The ads will initially be regarded as Public Service Ads and not be redirected to the site page, since Google will first crawl the content of the page to know what ads are best fitted on the website. Once the Google crawler visits the site page (usually after a couple of minutes), one should finally notice ads being directed to the site page.

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