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This is, from my point of view, a great great opportunity to make more money online .Revenue Sharing websites - What are they ?!This websites are forums witch give you the opportunity to add your adsense code to your own posts .You need an Adsense Account . Get one here : adsense.google.comAnd from here you can make more cash ! you will split the revenue with the website and the adspace per display (ad share), but hey !... it's still great :) !I will track my activity with digitalpoint.com user and adsense account and i will post my story at the end .http://forums.digitalpoint.com/ Alexa:296 Your code can be displayed in 50% time viewing thread
http://www.namepros.com/ Alexa:2 979 Your code can be displayed in 50% time viewing thread (divided between all participants)
http://flixya.com/ Alexa:7240 Flixya is videosharing site and offers 100% adsense revenue.
http://www.xomba.com/ Alexa:8 430 This article directory give you 50% of ad viewing
http://www.simpy.com/ Alexa:15 974 You get 100% adsense revenue from your profile on this bookmarking site
http://www.articletrader.com/ Alexa:36 968 You will receive 50% of the impressions of all articles that you submitted to this site.
http://www.yousaytoo.com/ Alexa:53 024 50% of the advertisements displayed by Google Adsense are divided among users who have a rating of 2+ (blogging community)
http://www.idnforums.com/ Alexa:62 207 your adsense code will be displayed in 50% views. Forum is related to domain bussiness
http://www.dotnetkicks.com/ Alexa:79 485 For every story that you submit, your AdSense ID will be used 50% of the views of that story.
http://freerangestock.com/ Alexa:136 822 Participating photographers can keep 80% of all the ad revenue generated by their submissions at this stock photos site
http://www.bloggerparty.com/ Alexa:156 919 Your Adsense ads will display on your blogs 50% of the time. (bloghost)
http://www.articlecodex.com/ Alexa:165 245 50% revenue sharing on this article page
http://www.articlewise.com/ Alexa:192 255 Your adsense ads will appear next to every article you submit.
http://igottarant.com/ Alexa:250 596 Your ad will be displayed between 20-50% of views on this college sport related forum
http://shareyourexpertise.com/ 100% ad revenue sharingI really really hope you can make more and more money with this method

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