Best Money Advice

Never ever focus on lack of means or debts…focus on wealth and abundance… feel wealthy and abundant and be grateful for it… and that’s what you’ll get more of…” - Guylaine
“Focus on what you’re spending because you can more easily control that. If you focus awareness on what you’re spending and notice where you can cut back, you can save more money.” - Julie
“If it is perfect and you can afford it, buy it. If it is not perfect, don’t buy it, no matter how much of a “bargain” it might be.” - Krystl
“My best money advice came from Navjit Kandola at exactly the perfect time: I was considering leaving a highly-paid job a different one with less money, but more joy. I was sifting through Style Statement as I pondered it, and read Navjit’s words: “Money comes and goes. Live your life.” So I did. Best move.” - Karryn
“Keep your money seperate from the person you’re in a relationship with. Pay your fair share, by all means, but never set yourself up to lose your independence.” - Brooke
“Invest small amounts often. Despite the highs and lows of the market, your money grows over time. So every month I have automatic transfers adding to my RRSPs and investments and I don’t even notice it.” - Janet
“…always, always pay yourself first. even if is 1 dollar, it adds up fast.” - Lezin
“Don’t do it for the money.” - Romana
“A husband is not a financial plan.” - Penny
“It always works out.” - Scott

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