money making tips 5

1. Find a group within a social networking service that is geared toward the item or service you're trying to sell. Or find a social networking site that is related to the item or service you want to sell. 2. Connect with other people. If you're just there to sell and you don't make connections first then people will see you as a scammer or spammer. If this happens you won't be able to find anyone to help you sell or any people to sell to.3. Find people you really have things in common with. Make real connections. People will trust you more if you're real and not fake.4. Use them for market research. Ask the certain people to help you test the item or service you want to sell. Have them post about it on their profile or blog.5. If people like your product enough to post a positive review on their profile or blog, ask them to tell their friends about the product. They tell their friends, those friends tell their friends and so on.

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