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It does not matter from where you belong , what you do and how old you are.You can join this community which has over 118,000 members.It is a web based forum here anyone can post whatever they like .As long as they follow the discussion guidelines , they are free to express their thoughts and views with the rest of he world through this community.You will find tons of new topics each day at mylot.There is no limitation on the amount of content you post there and this is what makes this community unique and very popular .
A major percentage of the total members actively participate in discussions on daily basis which makes this community very interactive as you always get answers to your questions from other members that have been there for a while .You can also seek advice from others through this community.You will never find other members lacking in giving their useful suggestions and opinions.

Mylot has a wide range of topic categories which you can select and begin posting your discussions in that category.You will always find others replying to your discussions.If you find that your interest in not listed in those categories then you can create a new category for that interest and invite others to join that category and grow it well.This is what makes the interface of mylot very user friendly.

The other aspect of this community is that all the members are rewarded for their useful contributions made to mylot.You are not going to get rich from those rewards ,that are in the form of cash , but if you are involved in this community for sometimes and enjoy your stay there then you can generate a few bucks on weekly basis .Consider those rewards as incentives to your positive contributions made at mylot.
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