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Page Rank or also known as PR is a trademark of Google. It represents the importance of a page on the web with a numeric value from 1 to 10, 10 is the highest. It’s calculated based on the links to a page, which counts as votes.

The PR of the page where the link is also important, the higher the PR of the linking page, the stronger the vote is. So the best way to increase the PR of your pages is to get some high PR pages linking to yours.The PageRank also matters when it comes to the rankings in the search results. Higher PR pages usually have higher rankings.

Be careful because linking to sites penalized by google can cause your site to be penalized too.

Checking your Page Rank

The easiest way to check your page rank is using the google toolbar. It presents the actual page rank with a green bar. This tool however will show a value which is updated roughly every three months, so it’s not fully reliable.

You can use the Page Rank Checker tool on our website for checking your PR instantly.

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