Search Engine Rankings by Buying Text Links

If you want quick jump in your search engine rankings and in your pagerank you can buy some text links if you can afford these. Buy links from high quality websites which have relevant content to your targeted keywords. Don’t go to link selling farms to buy links. Google is panelizing websites which are involved in selling and buying text links. Best method to find sources, from where you should buy link, go to google.com and search for your targeted keywords. Note the name of top ranked websites and find who is linking to those websites. To find who is linking to a site, do the following query in google.com:

Your Ad Here

It will return all the back links to that particular site identified by google bot.

Alternatively you can go to the siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com and explore the URL with yahoo site explorer.

This method might be expensive but it brings some traffic and quality backlinks to your site.

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