BidClix"Ten reasons why publishers are choosing BidClix, and making us one of the Internet's leading ad networks:
Get paid more for your ad inventory. We find the highest yielding ads for your site through our proprietary optimization technology. Since advertisers compete for access to your valuable inventory on a bid-for-placement basis, this maximizes your effective CPM. Fast payment - get paid within 15 days. You get paid faster from us and can put that money to work sooner. BidClix pays Net 15 from the end of each month. Thousands of advertisers. Our marketplace plugs you into an enormous pool of quality advertisers. Your site will always have fresh ad content, keeping site visitors interested and click-through rates high. Quality and integrity of our sites. We have stringent guidelines in place about which sites we work with - part of the reason we're able to offer such great experiences for our partner publishers. The high quality of sites in our ad marketplace - sites like yours that offer focused, well-developed content - attracts high-paying advertisers who know the value of your audience (and are willing to pay). Our CPC prices and our revenue are also kept high because we have strict fraud controls in place. Highly efficient marketplace. With BidClix, you don't need to negotiate with advertisers, or chase accounts. We take care of this for you in a fast, efficient marketplace, bringing thousands of advertisers together to compete for access to your valuable inventory. The end result is higher prices for your inventory, and substantial time and cost savings for you. Real-time reporting. BidClix's comprehensive real-time reporting tools are part of our dedication to exceptional customer service. You can browse through a wide selection of reports, all designed to make it easy for you to track the performance of your ad inventory. Greater flexibility and control. BidClix offers more flexibility in how you manage your ad inventory. There are no costs to sell your inventory in the BidClix advertising marketplace, or sign-up or activation fees - it's completely no-risk to try us out. You choose the BidClix channel that best matches the content of your site and the type of ad unit you want to display. We serve all types of standard ad units - banners, skyscrapers, towers, and pop-ups/unders. You can also use us to find new ways to place ads on your site. A dedicated selling team that can fill 100% of your inventory. BidClix is like having a virtual sales force working for you - connecting you with thousands of advertisers. You can fill 100% of your inventory with our ads, or use us to supplement your existing sales force. Our relationships with our publishers are entirely non-exclusive. You can work directly with other advertisers, or ad networks, although many publishers choose us as their sole revenue partner. Quick and easy to get started. Our simple application form takes only a few minutes to fill in. Then all you have to do is copy and paste a couple of lines of html code into your site, and you're ready to go! Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Reliability. Work with a company that demonstrates the 3 R's - Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Reliability. The people at BidClix are completely focused on responding to your needs with exceptional, innovative services

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