Kanoodle Bright Ads

Put Kanoodle's sponsored links on your Web site and earn revenue with every click! No matter what type of content you have on your site, Kanoodle has BrightAds to match - so they're always relevant and sure to appeal to your site's visitors.

Matching Ads to Content - Brilliant!We offer content publishers the opportunity to place on their sites ContextTarget™ and BehaviorTarget™ sponsored links - the only ones created exclusively for content sites. By mapping BrightAds to "topics" and "segments," not to keywords, we match the content of your site to hand-picked areas of interest. This means the ads we show are always relevant to your visitors. Easy Income - It's a No-Brainer
Clearly Defined Revenue:BrightAds are text based, revenue-per-click (RPC) sponsored links. This means advertisers pay every time a visitor clicks on the links - and we'll pay you a 50% share of the charge.

High Revenue-Per-Click (RPC):Kanoodle's RPCs are highly competitive, with many topics monetizing at a rate significantly higher than our competitors.

PayPal:BrightAds offers easy payment via PayPal. Smart - But You Don't Have to be a Genius to Earn

Simplicity:Simple signup, simple setup! All you have to do is tell us a little bit about yourself and your site. Once you're approved, we'll automatically generate the HTML code you need. Just copy-and-paste it into your own site and you're good to go.
Creative Control and Flexibility:You're not limited to a single one-size-fits-all option. Pick how many BrightAds you want, customize how they look, and we'll serve the ad units that work best for your site.

Detailed Reporting:Our detailed click and earnings reports mean you never have to guess at how well BrightAds is performing for you.

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