11 web traffic tips

  1. Reciprocal link strategy. For tips on how to get source for good quality links, click here.
  2. Forum / Chat rooms - Visit chat rooms / forum related to the nature of your website and participate actively in their discussions. Include an autosignature with your website address at the end of the post.
  3. Coupon sites - If you site is offering free giveaways, sample or promotions, try posting it in a coupon site. Everyone loves a good deal.
  4. Content in Mobile Format - This is something which has been around for a while but no one's really exploiting the opportunity it presents. Consider developing your website content in mobile format for communters who wishes to surf for more information on their way to work.
  5. Create e-Books and Reports to giveaway - A good form of viral marketing as good reports and e-books are sometimes forwarded.
  6. Solicit for related but non competitive website to include you in their "Thank You" / confirmation page - Every website who's got a subscription form will always be directed to a thank you page. Approach a non competitive but related industry website e.g. if you are selling pencils, approach a website selling erasers, and consider them directing their sign ups to your website.
  7. Write articles - one of the most effective form of traffic generation. Write a good article and post it in an e-zine and link it back to your website.
    Start a blog - Keep it updated at least once a week.
  8. Send out regular newsletters - Keep your current subscribers up to date on the latest updates on your website.
  9. Wed 2.0 - Start Squidoo, Hubpages or Facebook and provide links back to your website.
  10. Social bookmarking - An emerging form of traffic generation. Bookmark interesting news and article in social bookmarkers such as digg, del.icio.us, stumbleupon, etc
  11. Offline advertising approach such as imprinting website address on corporate gives, including website address in autosignatures, namecards, marketing collaterals and promotional mediums such as TV, print or radio ads

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