make money with Cost per Acquisition

Making money online requires either selling items (products, services, e-books etc.) or generating leads, downloading certain services/products etc.Selling items like electronics products, jewelry items, books or mags, motor spare parts etc. requires you to become an affiliate by registering with an affiliate network. You will earn commissions when you sell an item i.e. when a transaction takes place.Similarly selling services that also involves transaction like software development services, web hosting services, SEO or any other industry can make you cash.Generating leads, also referred as CPA (Cost per Acquisition) involves users to input and submit certain required information. This may be a single zip code or email or 10-100 fields form. Some finance merchant require upto 100 fields form information. And as the number of fields forms increases the payouts usually raises per lead. It does not require users to make a transaction but simply to fill-out a form. A social web site registration form, an Insurance company's form, a secured loan or personal loan application form, American president voting (that requires email) etc. can be working examples of it.Although there are many legitimate ways of making money online, The time has proved Lead based programs work better than sales based models, where customers don't have to pay.There is another model of making money online that does not require a transaction nor filling out a form. This is pay-per-install program.Zango and vomba cash are two among other providing this service. They offer you to present your surfers with Free Online Games, Screen Savers, Wall Papers, Free Video online to download to their computer. For every install they pay you.Zango pays you more i.e. $0.75 per install for US based installations while $0.40 for few other countries.These programs are good for game lovers, video, screen saver and wallpapers content providers to monetize their web sites. Who want/can write about online games. The content provided by Zango and vomba cash may supplement your own with SEO capability. However there are other ways to make money with these programs. These techniques are discussed in a forum mentioned below.Those who are interested to start may also like to join a forum dedicated to "Pay per Install". It has some guidance and tricky ways of doing it as well.A basic example to check how their content look like you can see, download and install from the following web site.Pay per Install example web site

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