Golden Tips on How to Increase Google Page Rank

Author: Balakrishna G

We usually think on how to increase page rank on Google, Since better page rank more the traffic. Basically, Google Page Rank is based on the relevant backlinks from other websites pointing to your website. In short, more the backlinks higher the page rank.

Our online business is mainly depends on traffic we receive to our website. Traffic is the lifeline of our business whether it is offline or online business. To have a good traffic to our webiste we need a good page rank in search engine. I will highlight below some of the golden tips on google page rank:

Article Marketing To Get More Backlinks: Writing Articles and publishing to many relevant website is easy way of getting good backlinks from similar sites. This will get more traffic from your author signature box which consists of 4 lines. Author box may include your website title, website links and a sales tips to your website.

Traffic from Blogs and Forums: Blogs and Forums are easy ways of getting links quickly. But please note to join relevant blog and forum sites. If the forum is relevant to your site you may get better leads from you signature box. More you take part in forum, more visibility your website will get. Visibility is important for the survival of your website.

Try to get links from quality websites: Quality websites here I am referring to related website. To have a better page rank it is just not enough to get a links but to get a related links. I can understand getting related links is difficult but try to get in touch with the webmasters of related webistes and convince them that your webiste is informative and you are interested in partnering with them.

Search Engine Submission: Search Engine Submission is a way of getting free links to your website. Many search engines allow free submission and some charge it. Search engine submission will help you in getting more backlinks which increases the page rank. If you feel search engine submission is a difficult task for you then it's not a bad Idea to get it submitted by paying reasonable fee.

Advertisements and Newsletter: It's good idea to set up an advertisement campaign and Newsletters. This will help visitors coming back to your site frequently and increasing visibility of your website.

The above tips are only few examples of how we can improve our sites page ranking. There are several other ways we can increase our webiste ranking on google top 10 positions by unique keywords etc. In my next article I will include few keywords tips which will help us how to select the unique keywords.

Hence, the conclusion to achieve a higher page rank, you need to work on Article Marketing, Write and publish your own unique quality articles which will help the visitors and solve their purpose. Taking part in Blogs & Forums by which you can share your idea, comment on the post and get answers from the posted blogs. Ads and e-mail marketing, Search Engine Submission and Related Links from other websites.

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