Tribal Fusion is a very large, respected ad network in its fifth year of profitable growth. They are a popular CPM solution for high volume sites due to the high quality publishers they attract.

One of the largest networks on the Internet, Tribal Fusion currently serves over 19 billion monthly impressions and is viewed by over 160 million unique visitors. Because of its size, this network has the advantage of drawing advertisers from many different industries, and there are many advertisers in all categories. Tribal fusion enables its publishers to choose the ads they serve and different ad formats carry different publisher CPM rates.

All of Tribal Fusion's advertisements are on a CPM basis and they have no CPC or CPA advertisements in their network. You can choose from a variety of ad formats to display on your site. They allow various rich media and expandable advertisements to get the attention of the visitor. Tribal Fusion's ads are all written in English and only support sites written in English.


Enlarge (Pop-Up)After you sign up and are given the capability to login, you simply visit Tribal Fusion and login with your information. After logging in, you have the ability to do a variety of things.

The most important is the ability to choose your advertisement category and choose whether you want it filtered from sexual and offensive content to suite your site's content. Once logged in, you may also view your ad performance statistics. Their statistic-reporting facility enables you to view your CPM earnings from the date and the specific time you choose so you can see how different ads have been performing. The rate you receive for the ads in the network is given to you. In the menu, you also have access to your profile information and have the ability to change certain information you have submitted in the application.

Overall, the menu is easy to use and navigate and if you need help your dedicated customer helper can answer any questions.

Available Ad Types and Formats
Currently, Tribal Fusion has a large variety of ad types mainly focusing on rich media ads with flash and dynamic content to grab user's attention. These ads feature moving objects and possibly even banners that make noises so they may grab user's attention better.

The rich media ads that Tribal Fusion supports are banners in the following sizes: 728x90 leaderboard, 468x60 banner, 336x280 square, 300x250 square, 120x600 skyscraper, 160x600 leaderboard, and pop-unders which carry a higher CPM rate.

Once logged in, publishers may view their statistics by pressing the reporting button in the publisher menu. Using this menu is very straightforward in letting you enter specific dates and times. It’s a simple thing to view how individual advertisements have performed with an impression and click count displayed by the date you have chosen..

How to Get Started
Click on the Smart Publishers section and go to Apply. There, fill out the form and proceed. They will send you an email letting you know whether you have been approved or declined as a publisher within a few days. There is a list of minimum requirements for publisher sites to meet in order to be accepted.

For example, users are not allowed to use any type of robot or fake traffic mechanism to boost revenue or they will be removed from the network. A minimum of 2000 unique visitors is required each day to the site where the ads are placed. Sites with users must have an active user base and must have a professional site design with updated and good content relating to the category of ad they display. If all these requirements are met, you will likely be approved and can go ahead and earn high CPM rates with this network.

New users have to follow a rather lengthy procedure of setting up their account information into the system, and while it can take a little while to do, it's also very easy with their help system guiding you along step-by-step.

New publishers must put Tribal Fusion's ads on their site and wait for activation before being fully activated into the network.

Tribal Fusion pays Net-45 meaning every 45 days when the minimum $50 payment has been reached. Tribal Fusion only pays Publishers 55% of the revenue they generate for your site, meaning you get only 55% of the revenue share, which is lower than the industry standard.

Offsetting this is that Tribal Fusion has some of the highest CPM rates for a CPM Ad Network, meaning that even if you only receive 55% of their revenue, you might still get a very decent rate depending on your category.

Currently, Tribal Fusion only supports paying its publishers via cheque.

More Information and Support
Tribal Fusion's support is usually very fast but can sometimtes take between 3-4 days which is still pretty good. In addition, their support staff is friendly, helpful, and informative.

They do allow ads on forums, but require publishers to tag them separately with their ad code in order to better serve their advertisers, as many advertisers prefer not to advertise on message boards.

If you have a high-traffic website, Tribal Fusion is definitely a good way to monetize your site. With high CPM rates and good customer support, Tribal Fusion is an ad network to consider using if you want to display CPM advertisements. With targeted ads that give you full control over your own ad filtering, you will receive better results and fill your ad inventory quickly. Even without a referral program, this network is definitely one of the best solutions for Large Volume Websites seeking to display CPM advertisements.

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