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Are you running out of cash? Is your job not paying you enough? Well, don’t just sit there and pout. Why don’t you make money writing online?

As of this moment, you’re probably wondering how you can make money writing online when you can’t even get a decent job interview in real life. Well, this makes everything much more fruitful for you.

Working online is actually easier than working in a real office on a 9-5 timetable. And one of the best ways to make money writing online is by using blogs.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all that difficult to earn from blogs once you’ve found your niche. Search engines love them, and blogs are generally accessible to the public (unless you lock them, of course).

Here’s some of the ways to make money writing online using blogs:

1) You could put adsense, promote affiliate products or products of your own in your blog to make money

2) You could also earn through advertising. Once your blog becomes well-known in the blogosphere, potential advertisers are going to come knocking your door. You might want to set up a counter to know how many people are viewing your blog.

3) You might be surprised by the number of people out there who surf the web all day and read blogs. Some of these people are marketers, advertisers and other professionals who are looking for writers. One of them might come across your blog, like how you write, and contact you for possible employment.

4) Your blog helps you establish connections with other bloggers / writers who could do a joint venture with you, or at least recommend you to a potential employer.

You don’t have to carry a Phd to make money writing online. All you have to do is use your imagination and creativity to get your blog earning the dough for you.

By: Lee, Michael

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